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In Adventure

By Lane


On 10, Sep 2009 | One Comment | In Adventure | By Lane

A good friend of Alex’s invited us to his lake house for Labor Day weekend. Both of us being jobless, a Thursday-through-Tuesday vacation sounded fabulous. Lake of the Ozarks is much bigger than Alex’s backyard pool, so we accepted.

The weekend involved many new experiences for me. Turns out I was sheltered from most water activities as a child. While we made several family trips to the beach, I can’t recall anyone actually entering the ocean past their knees. This might explain why I nearly lost my voice after screaming uncontrollably (into Alex’s ear at close proximity, SORRY) on my first Sea Doo ride. Don’t let the smile fool you — I’m just happy we made it back to the dock alive.

The following day, Miss Billie, THE CHOCOLATE LAB, took a ride. She happily cruised along at 30 mph. Talk about humiliation.

My next adventure was much more successful: fishing. At 23 years old, I had never fished. Luckily, I had an experienced teacher. He showed me how to bait my hook.

And even offered himself to practice on.

Then, on my very first attempt (after only a few failed casts), I felt a bite! It was a sunfish. The spiky fins are hard to handle, but Alex said proper fishing etiquette required kissing it, so I did. I was feeling brave, so I even took the hook out and threw it back. Alex caught a few sunfish too, but that’s not the point of this post. MY FIRST FISH! YAY!

Another first: coving out. Prior to this, the only lake I had been to, Lake Anna, was next to a power plant, so it was heated year-round and had monstrous seaweed that grew almost all the way up to the surface. This made coving out — floating for hours in a lake, with only a diaper-looking floaty separating me from the creature-filled water — sound very unappealing. I was pleasantly surprised. We drank. We floated. Alex frightened some ducks. We swam. We met some dogs. It was lovely.

My fear of large bodies of water was FINALLY conquered with this: paddle boating. Without fancy motors to propel us, I trusted Alex to keep us afloat. We paddled into the sunset, and it was just as sickeningly romantic as it sounds.

It was a very exciting vacation from my vacation. Now, back to the reality of sleeping in late, lounging by the pool, and cooking cute dinners with Alex. OH, to be funemployed :)


  1. I can’t believe you paddle boated without me. this is horrible. I hate Texas life.

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