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In Adventure

By Lane


On 12, Sep 2009 | One Comment | In Adventure, Life | By Lane

There’s more to life than work. WHO KNEW? I’ve discovered so many new things to keep me busy between job searching and interviewing (I’ve been on TWO now, Mom!). For one, this blog. And then of course there is golf, which, if practiced correctly, will occupy ALL of your time.

Unlike Alex, I choose to play leisurely. For example, if I hit three bad shots in a row, I take a much-needed break. Conversely, if I hit three good shots in a row (a feat I’ve yet to accomplish), I will continue to play until I hit three bad shots again. Alex calls this being lazy. I call it taking it one step at a time.

When golf gets boring (I can hear Alex’s spirit being crushed), I rely on more familiar pastimes: facebook stalking, online shopping, and designing my little heart out. Here is my latest undertaking: a new online portfolio. Although I’m still not sure I want to stay in the design field, and this website took about 18 hours to finish even though it looked so simple at first, I still do not consider this a waste of time. Instead, I like to think of it as a work-related project. Kind of like how google image searches for “Indiana Jones” or “cash and drugs” counted as work-related. Oh, how I miss the old days at ABC.

In case you still don’t believe that I am not just sitting by the pool all day (just when it’s sunny, silly), here is a list of recent online purchases that have kept me busy, considering the many hours of researching and reviewing:

1. “The Sartorialist” photography book

2. Mini Steamer (no more ironing!)

3. A real suit!

4. Real Simple subscription (great poolside reading, and only $5 for the whole year — thank you,

5. TWO POUNDS of Sour Patch Kids…and counting…



  1. tell me how the mini steamer works out. oh and i loooove real simple

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