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In Home

By Lane


On 15, Sep 2009 | 2 Comments | In Home | By Lane

We bought a coffee maker. TOGETHER.

To be clear, we are living together. No marriage, no babies, just coffee.

A big thanks to Catherine for not only signing up on but also buying something so I learned that those “sign up a friend and get free money” things really work. And thanks to for having the BEST customer service ever and giving me free money because another purchase was damaged in the mail. Therefore, OUR coffee maker was only 50 bucks (originally $150). Beautiful, isn’t it?

UPDATE: Do NOT purchase if you plan to brew coffee while anyone in your apartment building/dorm/neighborhood is sleeping. The sound of coffee beans grinding is comparable to an air raid siren.




  1. love my shoutout. i was thinking, “what could my name possibly link to?” ah, of course, a picture of a mule (horse?) and a cat.

    this coffee maker better hurry the hell up because i’m getting into work later every day.

  2. hahaha i love the link to mules too, it looks SO like her!

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