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In Inspiration

By Lane


On 16, Sep 2009 | No Comments | In Inspiration, Life | By Lane

It has been raining for approximately 158 hours. SEVEN DAYS. My skin has lightened to a shade so pale that I actually look like I’m my mother’s daughter. When will it end? said yesterday. WRONG. The Weather Channel said last Monday. SO WRONG. I’ve lost all faith in weather people and the sun.

In an effort to get myself out of bed each morning, I’ve taken up what I consider to be a viable indoor sport: blogging. It requires more mental strength than physical prowess, quite similar to golf.

In addition to writing, I enjoy reading blogs of all types — design, food, local (well, not local anymore, sniff), news, and fashion — like this one, where a high school girl named Jane (who lives right near me) photographs her DAILY designer shoe purchases and parades them around town with her retired-model mother for all us department-store hoosiers (Midwestern derogatory term I learned last weekend) to drool over. Jane’s mother also blogs, here. I adore her collection of chunky gold jewelry. So I bought a knock-off, for $7.




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