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In Life

By Lane


On 27, Apr 2010 | No Comments | In Life, Places | By Lane

Per usual, this weekend consisted of last-minute planning. This time it was a little more exciting — shopping for our trip to Kentucky this Friday! We are so thankful for wonderful friends with welcoming parents who graciously invited us strangers to their box at the Derby. 

To prepare for the occasion, I did a little research (or, “hours of endless online shopping,” if you ask Alex, but no one asked him)…and discovered there are far too many guides on what a girl should wear to a horserace (544,000 according to google). After reading about 12, they all started to sound the same: obnoxious floral print, view-obscuring hat, unbearably high heels. Men have it so easy…or do they? After a rather scientific poll of all the men attending the Derby with me (went something like this: “[insert fashion-related question]”…”Uhh, haven’t really thought about it.”), I developed two hypotheses: 
1. The scientific term for “men” should be “large lazy boys.”
2. Large lazy boys have no idea how to dress themselves on a regular day, let alone a day that requires pastels, polka dots, and plenty of bourbon.
So for all the other Derby-bound ladies out there who are struggling to reign in the frat boy and let the inner-yuppy shine, I give you this:

A Woman’s Guide to Dressing Her Man for the Kentucky Derby
1. There is no such thing as too much seersucker.
2. Real men wear lavender.
3. Be aware that on this day, there is a very fine line between “prep” and “pimp.” 
(But if you’re MJ, you can totally pull off either look.)
4. Coordinating is cute; matching is icky.
(Can’t believe I just called Speidi cute.)
5. The ultimate accessory: a pretty lady on your arm, of course :)
PHOTOS: random google searches, personal photos, and here

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