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In Adventure

By Lane


On 01, Aug 2010 | No Comments | In Adventure, Dallas, Food | By Lane

After living in Texas for nearly a year, I’ve noticed a few quirks about this place…things an “outsider” just can’t seem to understand. So I had to share. Here are a few things you will find only in Texas.

Yesterday while grocery shopping at Central Market (only in Texas), I reached for the jalapenos, only to discover that they were sold out. This was the THIRD grocery store I had visited in search of jalapenos. Only in Texas.

You know the typically boring concrete highway ramps that you drive under? Here, they are decorated with Texas-themed art. Talk about pride. Only in Texas.

In case you were thinking of bringing your handgun out to dinner, the sign at EVERY dining establishment entrance will remind you to leave it at home. Only in Texas.

Forget the lime on your margarita glass. In the Lonestar State, cactus is the garnish of choice. It’s edible AND it can be used as a weapon in case you left yours at home. Only in Texas.

PHOTOS: here, here, and here.

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