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In Dogs

By Lane


On 18, Feb 2011 | No Comments | In Dogs | By Lane

Meet Perry. This precious 7-week-old chocolate lab mix will be joining our family this weekend, and we cannot wait! We have spent the last few weeks preparing for his arrival, and I think we are finally ready. The checklist was a long one, but we knew from the start that we’d be spoiling the little guy — how could you not after looking into those eyes?

My thought process when deciding what to budget for was this: if it’s going to be out in the open for most of the dog’s life, it’s going to look good. Who wants to stare at a grimy plastic dog bowl in the middle of the kitchen floor every single day? My other rule along those same lines was that dog stuff shouldn’t look like dog stuff. I wanted it to blend in with the rest of the apartment that we so beautifully decorated over the past year.

Finding a happy medium between kitschy-canine and designer-dog was a bit of a challenge, but I think we pulled it off. Without further ado, here is a product recap of Perry’s new things (compared to what he would have gotten had we won the lottery).

Drooled over: Bowhaus Modern Steel Dog Crate, $599

Purchased: Standard Steel Dog Crate (kept it simple here — it will be covered with a blanket), $54

Drooled over: Blanca Porcelain Dog Bowl, $40/ea.

Purchased: Bowser’s Double Wood Raised Dog Feeder, $48 (CLEARANCE!)

Drooled over: Katie Puff Rectangle Pillow, $184

Purchased: Cloud Nine Rectangle Dog Pillow Bed, $89 (+ free shipping!)

Drooled over: Contempo Stainless Pet Gate, $299-$349

Purchased: Eucalyptus Pet Gate, $40

Drooled over: Puppy Training Bells, $25

Purchased: bells + ribbon, $7 (+ handmade bonus points!)

Obviously the most important things like vaccinations, food and other necessities were accounted for in the budget. (They just don’t have pretty photos to accompany them.) Overall, I think we did pretty well sticking to our budget (Alex) and sticking to our style guns (me). Let’s hope Perry is as excited about his new home as we are about adopting him :)

Did you know that having a pet can actually increase your health? If you’d like more information about adopting a pet, visit to view available pets in your area. If you live near DFW, please contact the Legacy Humane Society to inquire about adopting a pet from the same foster organization where we got Perry.


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