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By Lane


On 20, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Home | By Lane

“The best time to look at a room is the day after you’ve had a party because you see the way people used the space.”

Elle Decor recently published a piece on the worst decorating trends, asking designers to weigh in on what they thought should be out. The opinions of the designers all centered on a theme: form follows function. This is, I think, very telling coming from a group whose lives (and livelihoods) revolve around interior decorating. If these folks are telling us not to over-think and over-design a space, but instead to think about how we will live in it, we should pay close attention.

This wisdom applies to all types of design. Thinking about function should drive the form, not the other way around (as is true with so many trends). In short, that is my goal when working with clients. How will the piece be used? Who is the audience? What message should it convey? Once these essential questions are answered, only then does the design process begin.

Good design solves a problem; great design does it with style.

Image: Robin Walker (Elvis Presley’s Graceland living room, covered entirely in green shag carpet.)



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