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In Photography

By Lane

Analog | Dialog

On 25, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Photography | By Lane

I enjoy reading a good blog, but as a visual learner, sometimes I just want to look at pictures. Children’s books are a great source of inspiration because they have to convey messages through imagery. Since I know most people aren’t going to run out and pick up copies of Dr. Seuss, I thought I would share another favorite place I go to look at photos.

Analog | Dialog is a blog I stumbled upon about a year ago and have been looking at daily ever since. I have to admit, I know nothing about its creator, Chris Nguyen, aside from his brief bio: “Artist by education, graphic designer by trade, interior designer by night, mid-century modernist by addiction, incomplete sentences by intention.”

What I do know is that he posts amazing images that inspire me every single day. I am drawn to the bright interior spaces, monochromatic color schemes, and mid-century modern design. If you’re like me and sometimes just need a design-eye-candy break, Analog | Dialog won’t disappoint.

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