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By Lane

Color Palettes

On 02, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Tips + Tricks | By Lane

Canine Tones

Color palettes are not just for designing. I’ve found that palettes are the perfect way to make life simpler in some situations.

1. Packing your suitcase. Choose a palette to create your vacation wardrobe. You can mix + match pieces (and even re-wear a few), and you’ll have so many choices that work.
My color palette of choice: black, white, & navy with pops of color in scarves and jewelry.

2. Hosting a party. A cohesive palette can pull together even an informal event. Look to the location for inspiration — earth tones if outdoors, bright colors in a dimly-lit space, neutrals in a room that already has a lot going on.
My color palette of choice: Neutrals + metallics — no party is complete without a little sparkle!

3. Creating a budget. I’m a bit of a color-coding freak, but this is one place I would highly recommend using a palette. Choosing colors that coordinate with the seasons, for instance, has made my quarterly budget make more sense visually. I instantly know that orange = summer when looking at my expenses.
My color palette of choice: whatever makes the most visual sense.

4. Organizing your home. Two-dollar neon green plastic bins might work just fine, but do you really want to stare at them every single day on the top shelf of your closet? Look at the rest of your interior design choices and pick an organization solution that matches your home’s colors.
My color palette of choice: clear bins so I can easily find what I’m looking for, plus a few neutral metal and natural-fiber baskets that can match any room in the house.

5. Outfitting your pet. This one might be a bit of a stretch, but stay with me. I have a dog. His fur is brown. So is his bed, his blanket, his food dish, my his couch, and many of his toys. See what I’m getting at? If I’d opted for a white couch or yellow dog bed, I’d be vacuuming until my head exploded. Choose your pet’s palette wisely, and you’ll be a much happier pet-owner.
My color palette of choice: browns, tans, and dark hues that won’t easily show fur.

Image: Design Seeds


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