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In Afternoon Art

By Lane

Afternoon Art: Infographic Thinking

On 08, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Afternoon Art | By Lane

In this video, Italian graphic designer Francesco Franchi explores the idea of “infographic thinking” and its importance in journalism.

The Dictionary of Design, according to Franchi:

Graphic Designer: “An interpreter; a mediator between the journalistic part and the graphic part”

Visual Journalism: “A combination between graphic and narrative; a representation, but also an interpretation of reality to develop an idea”

Design: “To merge form and content; if we don’t have content, we cannot have design”

Journalistic Idea: “Most important thing; the content is the first thing”

Spectrum: “Art –> Information; it is good to try to stay in the middle; be at the same time informative, but entertain the reader”

Nonlinearity: “Interaction with the reader; connecting the infographic with the literature; how things are connected; can do with films as well”

Infographic Thinking: “Universal language using pictograms”

Passion: “The most important thing, because you have to enjoy why you are working”

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