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In Places

By Lane

New in Town

On 08, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Places | By Lane

Opening a restaurant is tough. I worked in the industry for many years and saw firsthand how difficult it is to build, manage, and maintain a brand — because that’s essentially what it is.  That’s why not only having a great concept, but branding it well, is so important from the very beginning. If you’re the new guy in town, but you look and act like you’ve been there forever, you’re automatically “in” with the locals. Image is everything. (Good food doesn’t hurt either.)

The Union Bear is a new restaurant/microbrewery that opened last week right down the street from me. While I haven’t been yet, it’s high on my to-eat list for a few reasons:

1. You can bring in a beer recipe and they’ll brew it. Service: CHECK.

2. Most everything is locally-sourced. Plus, house-made butter.  Food: CHECK.

3. Dallas-based illustrator Kyle Steed nailed it. The laid-back design style is just right for this neighborhood spot. Image: CHECK.

I really commend the guys behind The Union Bear for having their concept so pulled-together at this point in the game. I’m excited to try it out and will be sure to report back.


Images: UrbanDaddy | The Union Bear


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