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By Lane

Smathers & Branson

On 09, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Products | By Lane

Needlepoint is the essence of handmade, in my book. Each piece must be carefully stitched, requiring the most skilled of artisans. I came across Smathers & Branson, a company specializing in needlepoint products, a few years ago while looking for a gift for my boyfriend. Men are pretty simple creatures, yet so hard to shop for — why?! I knew he liked a few things: college sports, the colors red & blue, and anything preppy.

And there it was: the SMU Mustangs needlepoint key fob. He loved it! From that point on, I’ve been waiting for Smathers & Branson to produce some more feminine pieces. (They do have a few women’s belts, but they’re not exactly my style.) Earlier this week, I received an email announcing the new collection of women’s needlepoint wallets in the most gorgeous patterns. The style is traditional, but the colors are bright and fun. Now I just need to decide which one I like best!

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