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In Life

By Lane

DIY Spice Jars

On 20, Feb 2012 | 2 Comments | In Life | By Lane

Growing up, we had a spice rack that came with pre-filled jars that seemed to last forever. (I’d be willing to bet that some of the more obscure spices are still half-full today.) Spices don’t necessarily spoil, but they definitely lose their flavor. I like this simple chart that shows the shelf life of different types of herbs and spices.

After being introduced to Central Market — arguably Texas’ best contribution to society — I discovered a whole new world of bulk foods, and a great new way to buy spices. They offer the largest selection of bulk spices I have ever seen, at prices that cannot be beat. The biggest advantage, of course, is having fresh herbs and spices — and only having to buy what I need.

The problem: It didn’t take long for my spice collection to outgrow any rack or cabinet. So, I scoured the internet for a clever solution and came across several websites suggesting a spice drawer instead.

My solution: The ever-dependable Target to the rescue! These short-and-stout spice jars are the perfect drawer height and hold almost an entire store-bought container of spices. Paired with these cute Martha Stewart printable labels (PDF), my new spice drawer was complete. To keep things simple, I just taped the labels onto the jars so I can print more and change them whenever I need to.

Of course this got me thinking of other items in my house that might need pretty labels now…check back soon for some free printables!



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