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In Places

By Lane

Wayfare Magazine

On 28, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Places | By Lane

A new online magazine launched last week — this one unlike any I’ve read before.

Wayfare is a travel publication that is “celebrating the art of the journey.” Far from traditional travel mags that typically feature exotic locales and the season’s hottest products, Wayfare challenges the meaning of “traveling” to become something more — experiencing, inspiring, celebrating, connecting, and learning.

The pilot issue features a family who moved to Africa in search of adventure and opportunity to serve, primitive tree-house hotels in the serene Swedish forests, and a Kickstarter campaign that launched a brave woman around the world.

The layout is clean, the typefaces simple, and the stories short and sweet — perfect for on-screen reading. The online format allows everything to be linked, giving the reader opportunities to learn so much more about the places, people, and products featured. In fact, this experience of digging deeper was a main focus of the editors. The purpose of this magazine is to give readers a new perspective on exploration, and I think it’s done just that. I’m already looking forward to the next issue.



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