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In Life

By Lane

Little Things

On 27, Apr 2012 | One Comment | In Life | By Lane

Happy Friday! Notice anything different over here on the LRD website? It’s okay if you didn’t — I just changed a few little things. I condensed a some pages with the hope that simplifying my website will help me to do the same with my life (ha). I blame my recent cleaning/organizing/donating/website-simplifying craze on this blog I’ve been reading a lot recently — specifically this post.

So, here’s a little breakdown of the changes:

  1. The blog is now the home page. I figured since it’s the most frequently updated section and the space I spend the most time working on (besides my actual projects), I should put it front-and-center!
  2. I kept only the important pages. I also added a little flair, if you will.
    • Hello (a little bit about me)
    • Shop (what’s currently available through etsy)
    • Services (how may I help you?)
    • Portfolio (recent work)
  3. I’ve restructured my services to focus more on stationery design. While I absolutely love working with companies large and small on branding and identity, I have some big life changes coming up that will prevent me from taking on any large projects. That said, I have a passion for designing and can’t imagine my life without this freelance business, so keep those graduation announcements and wedding invitations coming! I truly appreciate all of my clients and know I am lucky to have grown this business to where it is today, and I definitely don’t want to give up on such an amazing thing! I will just be taking on less for a little while to free up some time and energy for, well, life. It’s all about balance, right?

Want to know or see anything else? Shoot me a message or fill out the little form on the bottom of every page.


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