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In Life

By Lane

Meal Planning (Free Download!)

On 25, Mar 2013 | One Comment | In Life | By Lane

I am very organized. Keeping lists and checking things off makes me feel better about my life. And if one of my lists happens to be “blogs to read over the weekend,” at least I have accomplished something!

Meal Planner

Grocery lists, on the other hand, overwhelm me. At any given moment, I have 3 lists (fridge, phone, and Pinterest), yet I still end up running to the store every other night to pick up something I’ve forgotten. Love cooking, hate figuring out what to cook.

So after searching online for a meal planner that was simple and well-designed, I realized it made sense just to create my own. My meal planner is basic because I don’t want to over-complicate something as simple as grocery shopping. There are five days of meals because I like to eat leftovers and/or eat out once or twice a week. The bottom portion can be used for the other items I often need, but don’t fit into any of the recipes for the week — like wine :)

You can download the PDF for free because I want to share what I hope will help others become more organized. I would love to hear how you plan your meals, whether you use this meal planner or not!



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