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In Design

By Lane

5 Ways to Grow Your Creative Business

On 07, Feb 2014 | No Comments | In Design, Dogs | By Lane

Building a business is hard. People don’t tell you about this part. It requires a willingness to work outside of your comfort zone every single day. After five years of running my business, I like to think I’ve figured a few things out. For any other creative business owners struggling to find their way, I want to pay it forward and share a some words of advice.

5 Ways to Grow Your Creative Business
brought to you by my muse, Perry

  1. Know yourself. Owning a creative business gives you automatic authority to work a little differently — to be authentic. If you’re not a stuffed-toy kind of guy, don’t pretend to be. Tear them to shreds and do your own thing.
  2. Be yourself. Once you know what makes you tick, use that to develop your strengths and define your brand. If you’re unbelievably handsome, become a model and make yourself known through your nude portraits.
  3. Set your vision. Set goals and make them as specific as possible. Picture yourself accomplishing each goal. What does it look like, sound like, and feel like? Play that vision over and over again in your head until it’s real. Puppy class graduation was a dream come true.
  4. Define your role. As a creative person, you have ideas about everything. It’s in your nature. Accept that you cannot do all the things. Setting limits lets you live outside the box, without getting lost. Even if you want to be a sheriff one day and a cowboy the next, it’s best to stick with what you love most.
  5. Share the love. Nobody likes a knowledge hoarder. If you have something great — an idea, a skill, an opportunity, a dog bed — share it. The world could always use more creativity (and snuggles).


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