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In Teaching

By Lane

One Day at a Time

On 04, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Teaching | By Lane


I have always been on top of things. I meet deadlines, take on additional projects, and make sure everyone’s happy. I get things done.

That all changed when I became a teacher. I quickly learned that in this profession, or in any job where your main focus is on [small] people, you will never get it all done. More importantly, I learned that it’s perfectly okay. People, especially children, are not projects with carefully laid out directions. They are complex and have needs that are constantly changing. I think for many of us who become teachers after being successful in any other field, this can be discouraging. We are used to success as it relates to finishing work, but as a teacher, our work is never actually done.

I once read that teaching is like the planting of a seed. The flower might not bloom until long after you’re gone, but you have to believe that you have made an impact.


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