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In Inspiration

By Lane

A Visit to Rifle Paper Co.

On 11, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Inspiration | By Lane

rifle1I died and went to paper heaven.

Over spring break, I visited Orlando with family friends. As we were traveling to Winter Park for a day of shopping and strolling, a thought struck me: Winter Park, FL…why does this place sound so familiar? Oh, right, it’s the home of my stationery/illustrator/life idol, Anna Rifle Bond!

rifle2Lo and behold, we were having lunch just blocks away from her eponymous shop. After devouring the most delicious pizza, we made it in — five minutes before they closed. Thank you, Paper Gods.

Of course, I knew Anna wasn’t there because she was hanging out with my other stationery/illustrator/life idol, Garance Dore, in Paris, launching their joint stationery collection. It was probably for the best. I was much less embarrassed stalking her studio taking innocent photos without her there. Everything was truly inspiring, from the shop layout to the beautifully decorated windows. Even the storage boxes seemed perfectly awkwardly stacked.

rifle4rifle3rifle5It can be challenging to build out a workspace that aligns with a business (in any field). But Anna has done a wonderful job breathing her design aesthetic into her studio, shop, and brand. I admire the thoughtfulness and attention to every detail. I could not dream of a better creative space.


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