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In Life

By Lane

Label Love

On 18, Apr 2014 | One Comment | In Life | By Lane


My ultimate dream is to make people happy through good design. Whether that’s through a custom wedding suite or a weekly meal plan, I want to help people achieve their goals.

So when I recently discovered that my most popular post to-date is one that has helped countless people organize their lives, I just couldn’t wait to share (again). About two years ago, I created these fun (and free!) printable labels. I had planned to use them on my new spice jars, but then I bought a house, and all-of-a-sudden I didn’t have “labeling spice jars” on my priority list anymore.

Thankfully, someone else did! Lots of you, actually. As my most-pinned post, I love thinking about all of the wonderful places these labels have ended up. I found one lovely blogger who shared beautiful photos of my labels at work. If you’ve found these printable labels useful, let me know, and I would love to feature more!


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  1. awe yay!! Thanks for sharing, I love love love my spice jars!! Thanks again for the inspiration :)

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