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In Design

By Lane

Teaching Trust 2015 Impact Report

On 26, Jan 2016 | No Comments | In Design | By Lane

portfolio_teaching_trust_01 portfolio_teaching_trust_04 portfolio_teaching_trust_02 portfolio_teaching_trust_03 Teaching Trust is focused on improving practices and policies that impact teachers and school leadership. Its mission is to prepare educators to lead change from the “inside out” by developing the values and skills essential to transformational school and district change.

To achieve its mission, Teaching Trust is committed to ensuring that the community is investing in strong principal pipelines. To that end, the annual Impact Report highlights program results, case studies, and school impact.

In 2014, Teaching Trust launched its first impact report, with the goal of increasing public awareness about the organization and its results.

For the 2015 impact report, Teaching Trust wanted to increase their brand awareness, present promising new data, and continue to focus on stories and people through case studies that show its model in action.


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